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Portable Generator
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Portable Generators For Home

Portable Generator

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Portable Generator
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Portable Generators For Home

Portable Generator FAQ

What distinguishes a portable generator from an inverter?
A: Portable generators use an engine and voltage regulator to produce D/C voltage, which the rotor/stator then transforms into A/C via brushes. With no need for brushes or a rotor/stator, inverter generators convert D/C to A/C using an electronic microprocessor to produce cleaner A/C output.
Can I connect my portable generator to the electrical in my home?
A: No. By directly connecting a generator to your home's wiring, you run the risk of damaging the electrical lines and hurting nearby residents or utility workers.
Is it possible to utilize a portable generator inside?
A: No. Carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that may kill you in minutes, is released by generators. Use your generator only outdoors, away from crawl spaces, doors, vents, and other places that aren't well-ventilated. Install battery-powered carbon monoxide detectors and sirens inside.
Why should I avoid overloading my portable generator?
A: Your appliances and electronics may be harmed if your generator is overloaded. Put your requirements first, and don't use the generator to power any more appliances than it is rated to.
A portable generator won't burn you or blow up.
A: Yes. Fuel is highly explosive and flammable. Never overfill the gasoline tank, and never add fuel to an operating or heated machine. Before adding fuel, let the generator to cool down. Keep your distance from any hot generator parts.
What kind of cords are appropriate for my portable generator?
A: Use cords that are heavy-duty and outdoor rated with wire gauges appropriate for the load of the device. Overloaded cords may result in equipment damage or fires. Use only properly shielded extension cords that do not have exposed wires.
Do I need to ground my portable generator?
A: Yes. The prevention of electrocution requires proper grounding. Observe all relevant federal, state, and municipal laws.
How frequently should I check the portable generator?
A: Regularly check the generator, and if any parts need to be repaired or replaced, get in touch with the closest authorized dealer.
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Portable, Gas-Powered Generators You Can Rely On. Keep Lights On During Storms & Outages.
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Portable Generators For Home
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